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When I first started learning about personal finance, I read all these articles that I thought would help me. They kept me informed but they didn’t improve my finances.

Our Goal Guides aren’t about teaching you anything and everything about a subject. They’re designed to help you achieve a specific goal in a specific time frame.

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Don’t let em hold you down, reach for the stars.

Table of Contents
  1. Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt
  2. How to Start a Business
  3. Start A WordPress Blog in Just 10 Minutes
  4. Travel Hack an Epic Honeymoon
  5. How to Start a Credit History
  6. Increase Your Credit Score

Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt

Read the inspiring story about how a professional fireman paid off $52,055.15 of credit card debt in 7 months and how you can too - a complete step-by-step guide, in his own words, of how he did it.

Chris Peach, author of the blog Money Peach, woke up one day and realized he was screwed.

In three short years, after marrying the love of his life and enjoying his life to the fullest, he and his wife had their first baby. A baby boy.

Having your first child is a life changing experience. It puts a lot of things into focus. And one thing that punched him right in the face as how much credit card debt he had. It was a whopping $52,055.15 — and it wasn’t going down.

Learn what he did to pay all that down in just 7 months. Seven!


>>Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt…

How to Start a Business

Starting a business is not difficult if you know the steps. We go through, step by step, everything legal and financial that you need to do it right. You do not have to hire a service or legal expert to help you, anyone can do it.

I get asked all the time – “How do you start a business?”

When it comes to the legal documents and what to file, the answer is pretty simple. There are only a few documents you need and I outline what those are.

You do NOT have to make it complicated. The hardest part about a business is not the legal stuff, it’s the business stuff. What will you sell? How will you sell it? How will you get people to know you exist? Those are the questions you need to answer first.

Follow the guide for all the “boring” stuff and leave your energy for the hard stuff.


>>How to Start a Business…

Start A WordPress Blog in Just 10 Minutes

How to Start A WordPress Blog in Just 10 Minutes

In 2005, I did one simple thing that would change the trajectory of my life. I started a blog. I started it at a time when bloggers were lowly keyboard warriors typing away in their parents’ basement.

Fast forward a few years and that simple blog, that simple collection of words and articles, would be valued in the seven figures.

It all started with one fateful decision to start — and now you can do the same thing. Get up and running in ten minutes, I show you the exact steps so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and frustratingly fight your way to getting up and running.


>>How to Start A WordPress Blog in Just 10 Minutes…

Travel Hack an Epic Honeymoon

How to Travel Hack a $40,500 Honeymoon for just $3,400

Want to learn how one man took a 3.5 week vacation to Hawaii, Tokyo, the Philippines, and South Africa for just $3,400?

It sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? I know because I felt the same way.

What’s wilder is that the sticker price was closer to $40,500 but through clever travel planning and hacking, my friend was able to get it for far less.

Learn the exact strategies he used to achieve this.


>>How to Travel Hack an Epic Honeymoon…

How to Start a Credit History


One of the most versatile tools in your financial toolkit is a credit card. To get a credit card, you need a credit score. To get a credit score, you need a credit history. To get a credit history, you need to demonstrate an ability to manage credit… which is hard without a credit card.

Classic chicken and egg problem, but we can help you solve it.

Learn the strategies anyone can use to start their credit history and get a score as soon as possible.

>>How to Establish a Credit History…

Increase Your Credit Score


Your credit score is easily one of the most important numbers in your life. From a mortgage to rent, from getting a cell phone to insurance, this three digit number can save or cost you a lot.

Regardless of where your score is today, there may be steps you can take to increase it. An increase of just a few points can have a enormous impact on your finances. Rejections turn into approvals and a high interest rate can tick lower. And none of these steps cost money, just time.

Let’s look at what you can do to increase your score.


>>How to Increase Your Credit Score…

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